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Diffie-Hellman explained

Peace be upon you all. Welcome to our first crypto post here! If you’re interested in cryptography , you’d know that  key(s) are required to encrypt and decrypt the messages exchanged between two parties so what if those two parties … Continue reading

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Intercepting System Calls and Dispatchers – Linux

Agenda Introduction Patching System call table Patching Interrupt Descriptor Table (IDT) Patching MSR SYSENTER/SYSCALL Detection

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WordPress Themes Exploits are in action – wpscan

About five days ago a friend of mine called me telling that some group defaced a wordpress site  belongs to the company he owns. After checking the logs, I found the attacker exploited a vulnerability in “Brilliant Theme” a product from cmsmasters The … Continue reading

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Memory Management – Windows part2

Agenda Interface to windows memory manager Allocation Reserved, committed, freed memory Memory guards User mode Memory management AWE (Address Windowing Extension) Heaps Kernel mode Memory management Memory Pools Address spaces in kernel mode

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